Hyper Construction Limited


Hyper Construction Limited, which is a sister company of SHORNCLIFFE PNG LTD and a subsidiary of PAPINDO TRADING CO. LTD is a  locally incorporated Construction Organization which is 100% nationally owned and was incorporated as a company in December 6th 2007. The Company is new in construction, but the shareholders, management and the technical team comprises of people with solid and impeccable business track record underscored by a combined business experience of over 40 years inclusive of experience in large scale building construction, repair, road works and general infrastructure construction.

Company Founders

The subsidiary construction Company is founded by Sir Soekandar Tjandra, KBE and Sir Nagora Y Bogan, KBE on the back of conviction to undertake construction work that is durable, long lasting, and completed on time and within budget without compromising quality. Both are founders of the parent company, PAPINDO TRADING CO. LTD.


Hyper Construction Limited offers comprehensive services designed to allow the company to do whatever it takes to finish a project. Some of these services include; design and scoping of works, new road construction and road repairs/upgrade, remodelling and alterations, construction of bridges, wharf, terminals and buildings and many types of infrastructure.

The Market

There are many big players in the building and construction industry in Papua New Guinea and the industry are highly competitive, however Hyper Construction Limited intends to provide a point of difference in terms of its service delivery and quality and durability of products and services.

National Government Policy

The Company notes that the National Government has stated policy to strengthen and build up the capacity of national companies with demonstrated capabilities and proven track record to participate in development and construction of infrastructure throughout Papua New Guinea. Hyper Construction is 100% nationally owned and hopes to secure contract work under the government policy but more so because of its merit and proven capabilities.

Financial Capabilities

Hyper Construction Limited has put up initial investments of up to K 4 million. This initial outlay of capital covers acquisition of brand new plant and equipment to demonstrate our total commitment and seriousness to this business and includes provisions for initial working capital and contingency.

Company Background and Testimonies

Hyper Construction Limited boasts a construction team comprising the founders, managers and technocrats who had extensive experience in diverse range of construction work. Our team has one way or another, made significant contributions over the past 30 years to design build construction of many of the parent company’s (Papindo Trading Company Limited) Shopping complexes including road workspaces way, car park and many associated infrastructure.

Many of our constructions are of high standards and meets the clients requirements of quality, economical, people friendly and we are proud to say we have over the years, established a new standard and code for construction of shopping complexes taking into account high standards of health and cleanliness, safety and fire hazards standards, and environmental standards. We have applied the same standards of quality and durability no matter whether it is in the city or in the rural areas or remote districts. Our construction of Papindo shopping complexes in Palmalmal, Maprik, Kimbe, Aitape, Vanimo, Goroka, Kainantu, Madang, Ramu, Lihir, and Manus are constructed using the same standards as the shopping complexes constructed in the main centres in Lae or Port Moresby.